New features for Calculator

On the suggestion of Raelene Zelesco, I’ve added three new functions to the Glicko-1 Calculator:

(1) Clear Form

This button just empties all the fields on the screen and is useful for when you want to start a new calculation from scratch.

(2) Save Form

This button will save the Names, Ratings, RDs and Outcomes currently on the screen to the webserver. The information is stored against the WordPress user and therefore there is only one saved page per user. However, on the plus side, it is independent of the computer from which the data was saved. So you can access your saved data from anywhere.

(3) Load Form

This button will load the Names, Ratings, RDs and Outcomes previously saved by your user.

As you can see the Save and Load buttons are linked to the WordPress user and so to access them you will need to register on this site. Fortnuately, this can be done easily and for free by just supplying a Name, Username and email address. If you are not registered or not logged in then you can still access the Glicko-1 Calculator as before but with the additional functionality of the Clear Form button.

It’s hoped the new functionality will enable users to keep adding games throughout a rating period without having to continually re-enter the results from earlier tournaments.