Streamlining of rating data

With the new Rating History function I added a second rating database which contains all master file entries for the last 50 or so rating periods, including the most recent rating period. This meant there was some duplication of data since the Glicko-1 Calculator also has a lookup feature that was still looking at a copy of the active list I kept in a separate table. This also entailed a certain amount of duplication of effort when new rating lists are published or updates are released as I would need to make the updates in two places.

To overcome all this I have changed the Glicko-1 Calculator lookup to refer to the new tables I created for the Rating History. At this stage the Calculator just picks up the latest rating period but this could be changed in the future so that Calculator users could select the rating period they wish to use for lookups. It also simplifies my processing of new files and updates as I only need to do this in one place now.

The new lookup functionality in Glicko-1 Calculator should be indistinguishable from the old – all that has changed is the source of the data. However, if you notice any problem or even any differences, please let me know.

ACF Rating Graphs

I’ve added a new page called “ACF Rating History”. On this page you can select up to five players from the ACF Master File and graph their rating over a period of years from 2000 until the present. If there are any problems, suggestions or whatever, please drop me some feedback.

By the way, the image generation using server side PHP scripts which hits my database. So if you want to save some output or post a graph somewhere, please save it on your client and use the static picture file. Thanks.