December Ratings Loaded

The ACF ratings for December 2012 have been loaded into the Glicko-1 Calculator. Please note that as usual only players with a rating and with an RD of ??, ?, space, !, or !! are put into the database. However the full rating lists for December have also been added to the downloads section.

2 thoughts on “December Ratings Loaded

  1. I think my rating should of been higher for the December 2012 ratings, only
    played a total of 9 games, only had 3 loses, 2 draws and 4 wins with 3 of those to much higher rated players, of the draws 1 was to an 1821 and the other one to an unrated player.
    In total I’ve only gone up 47 points for that period!


    • To me, 47 points sounds like a pretty reasonable increase for only 8 games against rated opposition. Did you try putting your results into the glicko calculator? It isn’t exactly the same as how the ACF computes ratings but it is usually a good estimate to within a couple of points.

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