ACF Rating History

This page allows you to graphically display the ACF Master File rating history for up to 5 players over a number of years from 2000 until the present. Names are looked up against the ACF Master File and in the format “Surname, First”.

Player Name Masterfile Id
Start Year End Year

13 thoughts on “ACF Rating History

  1. Hi,
    For the last 24 hours I have attempted to draw an acf history graph but it does not appear to be working.

    Is it fixable?

  2. Hey Barry, from Laos where I am now living! I hope this finds you well.

    I’ve noted that Anton Smirnov’s rating has just passed Ian Rogers’ “retirement rating”.

    I suspect that this is the first change in Australia’s Number One for something like 30 years.

    If you have the interest,and access to the ratings going back to the seventies when Ian first came to prominence, would you like to test this assertion? I think it will show an amazing run of being #1!

    • Hi Rod,
      I don’t have the resources to check rating back to the 1970s. Most of what I do have go back to the early nineties say. At least I think I have some old Australian Chess magazines from the Peter Parr days. But I don;t think I have much prior to 1990.

      • I went a bit crazy and have had a stab at doing it. Not sure if I’ll finish writing it up soon but might …

  3. Hi from Laos again Barry.

    I’m trying to support the Lao Chess Federation, which is organising tournaments to increase the numbers of players with FIDE ratings. I actually came out of “chess retirement” of – well, how many years has WCC been at Balgownie? subtract 2 or 3 and that’s how long since I’ve played!

    Can you explain to me if there is any way I can get my dormant ACF rating – 1655 – converted to a FIDE rating? If I can have a FIDE rating it will assist in the upcoming tournaments. I understand that the requirement for a rated tournament is a core of about 15% or 20% of all participants to already have a FIDE rating.

    Also any suggestions of how I could get an IA qualification – maybe in Thailand rather than Oz?

    I really appreciate your help.


  4. Hi Barry – it looks like some players aren’t getting updated in your database. e.g. the graphs for players 6256194 and 6255730 stop at 2020-09, but both have been active for 2020-12 and 2021-03.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your post. Yes the quarterly database update process has been somewhat broken for the last two periods. I have fixed these two periods and now those players should have ratings from December 2020 and March 2021. What I have done so far is still a work around and it will fall over again in June if I don’t make a permanent fix to the process. I will work on this now and hopefully the fixed should not be too difficult to implement.
      Best regards, Barry

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