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Hi. You have reached the website of Barry Cox. I am an applied mathematician who used to work at the University of Adelaide with main interests in modelling nanoscaled phenomena. For more information about my research please see my academic website. On this site, I will tend to limit the mathematical content to more recreational topics and of course there will be content with no direct mathematical link at all!

This website main purpose it to make available some programs and Excel spreadsheets I have written for things mainly related to chess and chess rating systems. I have also been collecting and making available the Australian Chess Federation (ACF) rating lists in perpetuity. These are all available through the Downloads page.

Of more general interest, the software downloads section includes a port of the Star Trek game for the Apple ][ which I have subsequently ported to FreeBASIC, and a tiny Java based chess applet which allows two people to play timed chess over a TCP/IP network.

All the software is available for free on an as is basis with no implied warranty or fitness for any purpose. If you find anything useful please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Barry,
    I’ve been looking at various rating systems for my club & sport (Table Tennis) and had thought that ELO was about the best I’d seen but having come across your site, I like the look of your Glicko system.
    Can it be used succesfully for a two outcome (win/lose) sport?

    • Yes you can use Glicko when there are only two outcomes. The only change you need is to just enter results as either a 1 or a 0.

  2. Hello Barry,

    Thanks for the Glicko calculators. Is it possible for you to do the same with the Stephenson Rating System that won a Kaggle competition a few years ago to find a better Chess rating system?

    • Hi Simon,

      Sorry for not seeing your message for so long. I don’t know about Stephenson’s system but if it is open and is a player’s new rating only depends on their own results (and not all results for all their opponents) then in principle it would be possible.

      Cheers, Barry

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