New ratings for June and September!

June came and went without be updating the downloads and calculator. New ratings then were published yesterday and that prompted me to update the site. So the June and September ratings have been added to the ratings history database and downloads section. If there are any issue please let me know.

March ratings and downloads update

The March rating have been loaded into the calculator and added to the download section. The old download plug-in I was using is no longer working in a way that I want it to so I have moved to a different plug-in. It took me a few days to populate the new plug-in with all the data of files available for download, but it is now up to date!

Power outage and corrupt filesystem

Following the severe weather and power outages of the last couple of days the web server developed filesystem corruptions. I thought I could fix these with fsck and continue but the errors kept appearing and so I decided to reformat the hard disk and rebuild the server. That is now complete and everything should be working again. If not, please leave me a comment.