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Glicko Calculator

Excel spreadsheet which performs an Elo and Glicko-1 calculation side by side. Useful for doing calculations in either system or for comparing the two.

3 thoughts on “Glicko Calculator

  1. Hi I have set up a chess club with 3 divisions Top division = Club Champs =10 players 2nd division = Reserve Champs = 8 players and 3rd division = Juniors = 6 players none of the players have ratings I was thinking 1200 points Club Champs,1000 points Reserve champs and 800 points Juniors.
    Am I able using your spreadsheet to calculate game by game rating changes and do you have any words of advice on the Competition setup I have and what parameters I accordingly should use with the Glicko system. Cheers Ron

    • Hi Ron

      Sorry for not approving/replying sooner. Regarding the competition you could do a game by game update of ratings. This is how a lot of online server work. However if you are starting from zero information you will have a lot of transient noise in the beginning. In other words there will be a lot of movement which will not prove to be very significant until the ratings have had a chance to settle down. Also because the players from each pool (I assume) are not playing one another there will be no benchmarking between divisions until you start to have players meeting between pools (perhaps in future tournaments).

      If you have some historical records you could retrospectively rate those to produce a more accurate initial rating and there then rating shifts will be more meaningful. Also if you are running a swiss draw format, a reasonable ranking helps a lot with making the tournament successful in determining the strongest player.

      I hope these comments are helpful and not too late. Best of luck


  2. Hi Barry,

    I have just started a chess club in Cooktown Far North Queensland and I am currently looking at ways to rate the players when we have enough to organise small tournaments.

    The spreadsheet looks like a great easy to use tool. However, I can’t workout how to determine the Elo (k,SD) and Glicko (c).

    Please provide some clarification or if it is already somewhere on your website please point me in the direction

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